The Herald 13th January 2012
Inn cooks up a culinary fundraiser
By Paul Ferguson

A RECIPE book inspired by two members of the bar staff at the iconic Harrow Inn in Steep is whetting the appetites of gourmet trenchermen and raising much-needed funds for two local charities.
Filled to the brim with 66 pages of recipes from the quirky to the traditional, as well as tried and tested family favourites, The Harrow Cook Book is proving to be a winner on all counts.

Lottie Taylor-Stokes, from Liss, and Elaine Ballantine, from Sheet, came up with the idea - and it's safe to say that it sparked people's culinary imaginations. Recipes came flooding in from the locals and within a few weeks the recipe was out on the streets and instantly found its way into Christmas stockings. "It took three weeks to compile and within a month was ready," said Lottie. "It was Elaine's idea and there are probably about 60 recipes from everybody who regularly drinks at The Harrow."

The Harrow Cook BookProfessionally printed and ring bound, the book contains lots of pictures of The Harrow and its locals, alongside beautifully pressed flowers and work from local artists.
Priced at £10, 150 have already been sold with proceeds, after taking out printing costs, going to The Rosemary Foundation and McMillan Nurses. "We will be selling the books throughout the year," said Lottie, who is hoping to raise as much cash as possible for the charities.

"There is everything from game recipes to beans on toast and what to do with an Oxo cube. Some of it is quite funny," said Lottie.
One of the more slightly off-the-wall recipes which may not be to everyone's taste is Davy's groin chops,said Lottie. "That involves getting a pork chop out of the freezer and putting it on a groin strain before cooking the chop and eating for dinner." Other recipes have much more of the taste of time to them with The Harrow's very own Nisa McCutcheon's famous Christmas pudding recipe.

Also included is a prize-winning steak and red wine offering which received five stars in The Harrow pie competition and was awarded the gourmet accolade 'a work of art in a pie dish'. Other recipes include Fred's rabbit terrene with prunes and another involves drinking most of the wine in the recipe rather than putting it in the pot. Beef stroganoff and cottage pie are also among the all-time family favourites.

"The Harrow hasn't changed for 80 years and some of the recipes are those handed down through generations and hand written," continued Lottie."And there are some very funny ones," she admitted.

The Harrow Cook Book will be available throughout the year. To get hold of a copy, call 01730 262685.


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