food pageall homemade on solid fuel Rayburn and electric cookers... strictly no microwaves.


Pea and Ham Soup
Ham off the Bone
Rare Beef
Hot Scotch Eggs (some days)
Giant Ham Salads
(often with home-grown garden lettuce, spring onions and radishes)
Cheddar Ploughmans
Vegetarian and otherQuiches
Various Seasonal Sweets
including; treacle tart (winter), summer puddings, homemade ice cream, lemon-crunch cheesecake (summer)
All served between noon and 2pm and 7pm to 9pm.

No food Sunday evenings and we do not do “Sunday roast” lunches.

It is not unusual for customers to share a ham salad or a soup so don’t be shy about asking for extra knives forks and spoons


Waitrose Kitchen February 2012
British Greats

Treacle tart

Matthew Fort is a food writer and judge on BBC Two's 'Great British Menu'

"About six years ago, I found The Harrow Inn in Hampshire by accident and fell in love with it. It's a very atmospheric, 17th-century inn. "The menu isn't extensive - they do soup, hot scotch eggs, salads, quiche - but to have one of their rare roast beef sandwiches and a slice of exquisite treacle tart, with its thin and intense filling, seems to me as good as food can get at this level.

"The Harrow Inn isn't a gastropub, it's something much rarer: it's a proper pub that serves proper beer, such as Ringwood Best, and very good, simple food."


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